VIRTUES and VICES Written for: Secrets from the Universe newsletter.

Patience is a virtue. So are prudence, justice, temperance and courage among others.
All display characteristics pointing to an honourable way of being.

Vice is regarded as the complete opposite; anything from bad habits to criminal activities.
As total opposites, one gets exalted while the other gets severely judged.
However, should there be a judgment?
The dichotomy of vice and virtue is determined by society, cultural backgrounds, upbringing and religious beliefs. The duality of right vs wrong, good vs bad – Shakespeare believed ‘only thinking makes it so’.
Ultimately we would not be able to experience one without knowing about the other, opposing energy which supplies us with contrast and counterbalance.

Is it better to live life in a virtuous way as opposed to one of vice?
Of course it is. We connect with the energy of virtue. Also, as souls gain a higher consciousness they will choose to connect with this energy as a resonance match-up, unable to feel comfortable leading a life of dishonour. Understanding energy flow, they tend to take the high road.

Those displaying vices are experiencing and learning. These are often young souls, new to physicality.
lacking perspicacity but eager to delve into the fray, often with both feet.
It is sometimes the very ‘thou shalt nots’ decreed by society, some souls are here to encounter in order to learn while rising through the ranks of consciousness.

“Every life is a march from innocence, through, temptation, to virtue or vice.”
Lyman Abbott