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HIDDEN LAWS: ULTIMATE TOOLS FOR DIVINE CO-CREATION offers us an entry level glimpse into the workings of universal law.

As we come into physicality, we enter with the creator’s love and the ability to co-create with the universe.

We have at our disposal, laws that give us the ability to live symbiotically within the constructs of energy frequency.

This is how we create all of what comes our way!

How? The thinking process and decisions we make drive the vibrations we emit. These vibrations then align with others of the same forming an alliance. Nothing is ever an external concept. We have autonomy and sovereignty at our disposal, once we understand how to use these laws for our benefit
in order to navigate through life.

Where focus goes- energy flows!

None of these laws is based on any religion. They are as old as the universe and predate any formal doctrine. All religion was established by man and does not exist beyond this planet. Creator works with love and universal law principles only, excluding no one.

During the writing of this book I began to notice a correlation between the laws and the teachings of Jeshua ben Josef.

The result was the writing of my second book: THEY CALL ME JESUS: A NAME THAT WAS NEVER MINE.

The original idea was to explain how the laws and his teachings match-up to create a guidance system meant to provide self-empowerment for all.

However, spirit had a further objective for this book- to set the record straight.

The information given to me, to share with you, was the true purpose of this writing. Much of it came as a surprise to me as spirit led the way.

In the words of the guides who supported and set me on this path;