About Ulla

Ulla JacobsEarly retirement from the corporate world has allowed me the time needed to more fully pursue my interest in research.  Topics include holistic health modalities, metaphysics, quantum mechanics, reincarnation and vegetarian cooking.

A health crisis led to a more holistic lifestyle and pure way of eating. This change was paramount to helping me regain strength and clarity.

Interest in spiritual truths provided a vast understanding of energy and how we can use it to co-create with the universe.

Universal law principles have helped me to see that we are all one, building the collective consciousness together.  This concept, once fully realized, has the ability to end wars.

Conditioning and accepted beliefs has many of us living in the West afraid to die.  Would it be any easier if we knew it was not just an end (of the body) but also a trip back home; a journey to re-connect with loved ones?  I certainly think it would help to ease this transition, allowing for a more peaceful experience.

I am on a mission to alleviate the fear associated around the illusion of death.