About Hidden Laws

Have you ever wondered what runs the world?
Have you ever considered what each of us is doing here?
Have you asked yourself…
How great a part do I play in my evolution?
To what extent do I create my own reality?
Does reincarnation really exist?”

I invite you to explore these and other concepts with me.

Hidden Laws:  Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation is an entry level book written to introduce you to the timeless principles of Universal Law.

Citing examples of how others have used this information, Hidden Laws is easy to read and easy to understand. The object is to share some ways we can all attain Self-Empowerment.

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While writing it, I began to notice some similarities to quotes attributed to Jeshua ben Josef.“ Jeshua ben Joseph” is the original Aramaic name for Jesus, the personification of the christ energy on earth.

This link provided the idea for my second book which clearly shows a connection between his work and Universal Law. It is not surprising to me because I believe these principles have always existed to be used by each and every one of us. Once understood these laws can provide a guideline for developing personal power. They provide a roadmap for life.

Energy is the key. To grasp this concept more fully we can examine the new science of quantum mechanics which allows us to view all matter as pure energy. That energy called the unified field, is the Akashic field where all knowledge exists.

Each of us is helping to build this collective consciousness by the energy we contribute to it. It is also the force linking us to like-minded people and situations, driven by our acts and deeds.

To put it simply – We get what we give.

What if the knowledge of these simple principles or spiritual truths has the power to allow us the freedom to seek and attain anything we choose?

Reason enough to become familiar with Nature’s laws!