affection-appreciation-art-424517 (2)Most often associated with Thanksgiving as friends and family gather to celebrate each other and all they are thankful for, the expression of gratitude is available for more than just one day of the year.

Gratitude is also a way of living on a daily basis, from simple ‘Thank You’ acknowledgments to keeping a daily journal or practicing meditation, this word is high vibrational; a power house that connects us with positive energy. In it’s glow we trigger positive reactors within the body, washing away any negativity, as both cannot exist at the same time. That makes shifting into gratitude a mood booster allowing us to be upbeat while also contributing this feeling to the collective.

No need to go far to connect with gratitude; counting our blessings gets us there.
Nature also supplies so very many reasons to feel thankful. Each season provides it’s own special beauty. Looking at the colours of fall during these sunny, cool days, I am happy to live in such a beautiful place.

As a sleep aid holding the space of gratitude allows us to banish any worries; be it regrets of the past or concern for the future, all fall away.

This superhero of the language world can always connect us with an upside when faced with adversity.

Footnote: I began writing this article while traveling to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first of 3 flights was delayed sufficiently to have me miss the other two connections. Was I going to live by the words just written? There is always a test!

Ulla Jacobs