Olympic Games

Olympic Games,  blog post by Ulla Jacobs, author Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation

Watching the local news I heard a panel discussion about our Canadian athletes making a poor show on the medals podium.

The next day in a store I heard two radio announcers saying “Canada is just not bringing it.” My first thought was ‘How insensitive.’ I can only imagine the years spent to get to be one of the competitors, years of hard work, discipline, and determination. How must these athletes feel when they hear their own media trashing their efforts?

As the host country, shouldn’t we be happy for whoever wins the medals, regardless of where they live? They have all put forth the effort required to reach this point. They have earned the right to be called the best in the world. Hats off also, to all those who gave it their best.

In the true spirit of these Olympic games let us appreciate the skills of all the winners and celebrate their success for a job well done no matter what flag they are waving.
Image courtesy of njaj / FreeDigitalPhotos.net