The Winds of Change Are Blowing

The Winds of Change Are Blowing, blog post by Ulla Jacobs, author Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools For Divine Co-creation

When I asked my guides if they had any predictions to share for the coming times ahead, I did not really expect to receive information for two reasons. Given the current times, I would think the news would not be great and they have never sent me down the road of ‘doom & gloom’ or offered any type of negativity. To be vested in dire predictions will only help to manifest them.

Also, with the understanding of universal law principles, I realize we create as we go along, making predictions difficult. Imagine my surprise, while standing in the kitchen mixing batter for waffles, I received some information urging me to put pen to paper. The focus began with the ancient principles of Universal Law. Lunch would have to wait…

As we find ourselves in times of upheaval, understanding how we can work with energies can help to keep us centered.

Why is this important?

We all share the same one power; the unified field energy keeping us in physicality. Holding the energy in a positive, calming way will influence not only our own field but the entire consciousness, as well. This is how each of us can make a difference.

As turbulent times increase we need to remember the Law of Free Will, a law being challenged severely for many. As democratic freedom is eroded we have the ability to call upon these ancient principles to empower us by getting in touch with personal freedoms. Let us demand, unequivocally of our guides, the right to retain this personal freedom. This will allow them to step-in on our behalf. I have been asked to shout it from a mountain top, if need be, to ensure the message is heard. While this procedure may seem a little extreme, it was given to get the point across to be concise in order to engage their participation. This step is necessary due to the other aspect of free will needed to allow guides to act on our behalf. They cannot do so unilaterally as these spiritual laws exist in their realm as well.

As the effects of the Piscean Age diminish and the new energies of Aquarian Times increase, the winds of change will blow strongly upon the land. Systems will need to fall in order to be superseded by new ways. While some will continue to act out feeling the pressure, some will cling to the status quo fearing the changes, many will awaken to welcome the new dawn. Holding on to old ways is resistance and what we resist will persist.

As the earth adjusts, we here at this time, are along for the ride. I feel the current drama is far from over. However, there are things we can do to help stabilize our world; the first of which is to realize that it is all drama, all part of the play.

I was encouraged to spend some time each day within the one power. My guides said to bring the pure, white light into the crown chakra, running through the body then anchoring it into the ground. The purpose of this is for healing and calming the body while additionally aiding mother earth, as she gets to benefit from the anchored energy.

The guides also cautioned about seeing things only as black & white. They emphasized the existence of gray areas a couple of times. I suspect part of this message was intended to make us aware of slanted news reporting that keeps people in fear and out of balance. The danger here is that we then set-up these very conditions to return to us over and over again. Perception is very important. Can we see the gift or are we more interested in ripping open the package?

Yes, the road is rocky and may become more so but the focus given to me was on tools of self-empowerment, things we can do to calm the tides of turbulence. This places the emphasis on positive solutions rather than buying into the sky- is- falling scenarios. This is what I have come to expect from my guides.

Do I think we are in for a rough ride?


Do I plan to worry and fret?

Definitely not.

We are all creators and as such need to realize our part in the evolution of what happens next. We can choose to buy into the fear based reporting or we can see it for what it really is –illusion. As we buy into the illusion it then becomes created; it comes to life creating a momentum, as many take it on. This is how things are manifested. When enough of us agree to run with a concept, we create the reality.

The script has been written but the ending of the play is still undecided waiting for our input. What will it look like? I would like to see us hold the positive thoughts of peace and love in order to calm the turmoil. When our thoughts meet with opposite vibration, they will cancel each other out. This is a term in quantum physics known as interference. In this way we dispel negativity but must keep sending the positive as it is cancelled as well when two opposing forces meet. As more negativity is erased, the positive vibes will prevail.

As creators, let us create a new world consciousness, a world where all will prosper and be at peace, living in harmony with our beloved Gaia.
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