Swine Flu Paranoia

Welcome to my blog!
My intent is to share with you everyday workings of Universal Law principles as they apply to us all.
I have been getting the message lately to speak my truth more often.  What held me back was the understanding of the Law of Free Will.  I did not want to intrude.  However, opportunities seem to present themselves constantly to offer cosmic law teachings.  Many times I have kept quiet, but no more!  Here is one example…
En route to Tulsa, Oklahoma for Mother’s Day, the first flight I took was from Victoria, BC to Seattle.  I found myself sitting next to a woman who was putting on a flu mask.
“Better safe than sorry”, she said to me.
“I cannot get sick.  I am on my way to visit mother in a nursing home in North Dakota.  I cannot get sick!”
She continued to mumble “Better safe than sorry” a few more times as I bit my tongue.
But wait, I am supposed to speak my truth, right?
Some kids that were sitting across the aisle suddenly caught her attention.
“THEY are the ones who will make me sick!”  She pointed accusingly at them.
Ok.  Enough.
What finally got me to speak up was that she was now directing a tangible flow of negativity at kids.  So I offered her the following pieces of advise:
“Don’t give illness so much of your energy and attention if you want to remain healthy.”
She looked at me.  Then looked away.  She glanced at me once more and I wondered if the message was sinking in.  Then all was quiet.  The mumbles of fear had finally stopped.
“I can’t get sick” she said once more.
I then told her to only focus on health and not to give the idea of illness any more energy.  How does this work?  Everything is vibration, including words.  We create that which we dwell upon.  Fear, a mighty draw of negativity, will manifest as we align with it.
Something to be aware of as the media tries to get us to focus on the great illusion of a pandemic.