Reincarnation: Point – Counterpoint

Reincarnation: Point - Counterpoint, blog post by Ulla Jacobs, author Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation

Based on a conversation with a co-worker about the possibility of reincarnation.

“I do not believe it.” He said to me.
“Reincarnation does not exist.
Nothing more to discuss about it.
No heaven, no more than this.”

“I cannot conceive it.” He said to me.
“The point of it does not make sense.
When death comes along that’s it.” He said.
“What else could there possibly be?”

“I do believe it.” To him I said.
“What point to life otherwise?
There would be no room for advancement,
no chance to raise the vibration.”

“What point would there be for just one life?”
This of him I asked.
“Death is just of the body.
Our essence is then set free.”
To come again another time.
To learn, to love, to just be.”

“You haven’t convinced me.” He said to me.
“No one can know for sure.
I cannot conceive of an afterlife.
This life is enough to endure.”

The person I spoke with was still asleep.
The concept escaped him somehow.
A consciousness level had not been reached;
perhaps later in some way, not now.
This view may change when he makes the leap
to a new way of understanding.
But just not now.

This person speaking is myself,
with many lives under my belt.
I understand the cycle of life,
the point of the play and beyond.
Always another chance to learn;
a chance to gain insight and see.
Reincarnation- a definite fact to me;
A concept I know to be.
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