Ownership of the Planet

Ownership of the Planet, blog post by Ulla Jacobs, author Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools of Divine Co-creationGroße Mühlenstraße, Nortof, Germany
Compiling information for the Law of Transition show-cased in my first book, Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation, I started thinking about ownership of the planet.
As the concept of reincarnation and the cycle of life became clearer to me, I began to realize that any possession is fleeting and short term. My cousin recently sent me a photo of the street in my home town and the house I was born in. My family had lived on this property for about 100 years. It now has new owners. Then I thought about the homes my parents had. All are now occupied by people unrelated to me. History shows many wars have been fought over ownership of land. The entire planet has been compartmentalized with lines delineating countries, counties and cities. Yet the fact remains, we are only in physical body for a short time and then return as another player on this stage called Earth. So, did we really own our plot each time?
No. We are merely tenants for a short time. Then it gets passed on to family, friends or new buyers to live there while they are here. Donald Trump may disagree but no one owns this planet. We get to visit as we work through karma in order to attain soul growth. The planet facilitates this process as best it can. We don’t own any part of this planet any more than we own Saturn, Jupiter or Mars. The constant need for separation, alienation and territorial wars is part and parcel of our soul evolution. We get to work through drama agreed upon before hand in order to experience life, all the while knowing that nothing real can be harmed. Just players on this stage, we get to use the earth as a venue to practice the current role for a little while. Then the costume is discarded and we go back home to evaluate our performance while new players arrive.
Thank you Gaia for your patience and participation in this process.
I will tread lightly.