We come together again, as one consciousness, one people, without regard for nationality, colour, creed, social status or religion.

We come together again to help those in need. Thoughts of differences, politics, war, and strife are abandoned as we work side by side with a common goal. We give time, skill, money, supplies, and thoughts of blessings and healing in meditation.
As our own complaints dissolve, we give thoughts to the overwhelming challenges faced by the Haitian people, digging out huge amounts of rubble in the hope of freeing anyone still alive; be it family, friend, neighbour or fellow human beings.
Amid after-shocks and disease they are tired but toil on because they must.
The world unites to come in aid.
The world unites to share what it can.
The compassion cup is full and runs over.
We have done it before, we will do it again.
We come together as one because that is who we are.
We come together as one because we care.
We come together again….