Bloodlines blog post by Ulla Jacobs, author Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation
While researching material for a book I am currently writing, linking the principles of universal law with the messages presented by Jeshua ben Josef (Jesus), my awareness was drawn to the existence of a possible bloodline spanning over 2000 years. This bloodline is said to exist from the union of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. It is postulated that they had children and shared a life in the region of Rennes le Chateau in Southern France, after the crucifixion, if indeed it happened or if it happened as recorded.

Some scholars investigated the possibility of this union and have concluded that chances are good it did occur and consequently created a bloodline that reaches to present day.

This got me to thinking about bloodlines and how important are they really are.

The soul, the driver of any incarnation is far more important than the costume-du-jour. Having been around many times in many lives, the soul has likely been in a vast variety of bodies consisting of different colors, creeds, nationality, religions and gender. It has possibly resided all over the globe. Some souls have reincarnated hundreds and even thousands of times. Understanding that we have been all types like actors on a stage with many performances under our belt can help to bring about a tolerance for those whom we think are unlike us.

People of any given bloodline may inherit physical characteristics and DNA but the vast cast of players appearing into the bodies will have an array of different experiences, each bringing his/her own challenges along.

We all share the unified field energy that gives life to all living things and we also share a past as players in a game–just one more link to bind us all–one more reason to celebrate our common ground rather than furthering the idea of separation. We are all one, here to learn and provide for soul growth.
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