The Most Important Thing about Universal Law

The Most Important Thing About Universal Law, blog post by Ulla Jacobs, author Hidden Laws: Ultimate Tools for Divine Co-creation

Someone asked me what I thought was the most important thing about Universal Law. I had to give that question some thought because there are so many benefits to understanding these principles. Also, any one benefit may be of varying value for a number of people depending upon the journey and the teachings each of us has chosen to experience.
However, if there is one paramount point everyone will appreciate it is that these principles of natural law are at work all the time.
Whether we are aware of them or not, choose to acknowledge them or not, understand, recognize or use them, make no mistake these elements are working all the time.
No one can turn them off.
No one is excluded or favoured.
The key to these principles comes with recognition and understanding allowing us to use them to our benefit if we so choose.
We become co-creators of circumstances instead of victims of circumstances.
Life doesn’t just happen to us. We take an active part in designing the roadmap for the journey ahead.
Just this one aspect of universal law can have a great impact on our daily experiences as the Law of Free Will, Law of Creation, Law of Cause and Effect and Law of Attraction do their jobs, according to our thoughts and the choices we make. This knowledge can bring us a step closer to co-creating with the universe.
So, if it has to come down to just one aspect, it would be this factor.
These laws are at work with or without our involvement but they exist for our use.
They exist to provide self-empowerment.
Take charge!

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