The Journey To Health

When I first published Hidden Laws the purpose was two-fold.
1. To share my journey of healing from a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis- a journey that took nine years.
2. To share the all important principles of Universal Law that offer each of us self-empowerment.

Every radio interviewer at that time focused primarily upon the health journey; how I was able to overcome this disease.
It proved to be a long, arduous trip through many natural healing modalities, all just working for a time but never offering a complete cure.
When an iridologist diagnosed not ulcerative colitis but an overrun of yeast in the large colon, I was directed to a naturopath who was able to eradicate the candida albicans.
Through the addition of probiotics to re-colonize the good flora, I began to heal.

There was also another important component—the mind set.
Spiritual guidance had warned me of the coming illness and spiritual guidance also relayed the message when it was done.
At that point I shifted from managing an illness to expecting to be well. This change in focus gave me an additional advancement toward healing.

Knowledge of nature’s laws came later but in hindsight I can see the Law of Creation working as the focus changed from illness to wellness.
Focus on anything long enough and we create it. Our thinking process and the decisions we choose to make each day engage this law to perform for us on a continuous basis.
I wonder if the knowledge of spiritual laws could have shortened the nine year struggle.
Quite possibly; but the knowledge gained along the way allowing for a healthier lifestyle and the raising of consciousness has all been a progression;
each phase a valuable step that led to the next with no regrets.