On a recent trip to Tofino we stayed at our favourite lodge.
Walking into the great room I overheard a conversation between three employees in the kitchen area.
Actually, it was more of a rant by one of them loudly proclaiming about the demise of Stephen Hawking. Here’s how it went.

“They say he had ALS. ( also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease)
I’ve never seen anyone with that last so long.
Usually they are gone within two years. He had it for a long time.
I just don’t buy it.
Something is not right.”
He noticed me approaching and stopped the conversation.

Later, I began to think about what the employee had said.
He was correct in saying that in most cases the lifespan after diagnosis is short; 3-5 years.
Then I began to look at what Stephen Hawking was studying.
He understood quantum physics, the working of the universe and the laws enabled therein.
He would have been aware of the energy at play at the quantum level; energy that drives the entire universe. This was his field of expertise.
Was he also aware all of us have the ability to work with this energy in order to create all that comes our way? Did his vast knowledge lead him to understand and use the frequencies to halt the progression of his disease for so many years?
I would say the possibility certainly exists.

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