Je Suis Charlie


A simple phrase until we examine the united power behind this statement.
Social media was the driver of this bus as tweets and postings lit up all around the world.
We jumped on board to express solidarity and offer compassion to the people of France.
Our fundamental right to freedom of speech, the right to express without recrimination, was challenged
causing us to stand together uniting as one voice.

There is a bigger picture to examine here.
On a global level the support of each other is paramount to supporting the evolution of the earth and all it’s inhabitants.
Not since the passing of Princess Diana has the unified field of consciousness experienced such a rise in frequency, so quickly. As the vibration is raised we all rise along with it.
As the earth evolves; as we build a new world, we will do so by joining with one another to empower and promote the change we wish to see. Uniting for a common cause will facilitate such a shift in the level of consciousness. This recent event has caused our vibrational level to rise and it will continue to do so with every act and outpouring of support and compassion we participate in or witness. We are here to birth a new paradigm, a new energy which will bring more light to the planet.

Nous sommes Charlie.
We are Charlie.
We are all connected and powerful co-creators.

I extend my gratitude to the brave souls who chose to play the roles, allowing the rest of us to to shift and evolve in unity.

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